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Regardless of the location or instructor you choose, our goal is to provide consistent, high-quality golf lessons. We harness advanced technology to fine-tune your swing and meet your specific goals. With Trackman, we analyze detailed aspects of your swing like launch angles and spin rates. V1 video analysis offers insights on how to enhance your swing, while K-Vest biofeedback addresses physical challenges and teaches correct positioning. For putting improvements, we use Sam Putt Lab and Eye Line aids to ensure a smooth roll. Additionally, our range of teaching aids and drills are designed to solidify your technique and achieve a technically sound swing.

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Pam Boccaccio

Head Professional & Class A LPGA Professional

Pam stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of golf instruction, boasting a wealth of experience and a relentless dedication to fostering growth and development within the sport. Recently serving as the Director of Programs and Instruction at the esteemed First Tee-Jersey Shore, she holds the esteemed title of Class A Teaching Professional of the LPGA, marking her as a true luminary in her field.

With an impressive tenure spanning over two decades, Pam has cultivated a profound understanding of teaching methodologies and program design, with a keen focus on nurturing talent and facilitating holistic growth. Under her guidance, the golf program at the Jersey Shore has flourished, garnering acclaim for its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Pam’s expertise extends far beyond the confines of traditional instruction. As a Level 4 Nationally Recognized Coach of the First Tee/PGA Tour, Golf Digest Certified Instructor, Operation 36 Certified Coach, and Level 1 US Kids Golf Certified Coach, she stands at the forefront of coaching excellence, equipped with a diverse array of tools and techniques to propel her students toward success.

Jeff Trott

Teaching Professional – Lido Golf Club
UGTF & International PGA
Jeff Trott is a distinguished golf professional, certified by the US Golf Teachers Federation, the International PGA, and US Kids Golf. His illustrious career is marked by a deep-seated passion for the game and a commitment to excellence in golf instruction. Jeff’s vast experience and certifications make him a highly sought-after instructor for players of all ages and skill levels.
Before stepping into his current role as a dedicated golf instructor, Jeff amassed a wealth of experience in the golf industry, working with some of the most prestigious organizations and brands. His professional journey includes significant roles at the PGA Tour Superstore, the LPGA, Wilson Golf, PING, Titleist, and Mitchell Golf Equipment. These positions have provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the golf world, from equipment technology to the nuances of professional play.
Jeff is now focusing his talents and expertise on teaching, spending the majority of his time at Lido Golf Club.

Janice Metzler

Head Golf Professional
Class A LPGA/PGA Professional

Janice is a seasoned Class A PGA Teaching Professional with an illustrious career spanning 34 years. For three decades, she honed her craft at the prestigious Woodmere Club before embarking on enriching tenures at Lido Golf Club and Merrick Golf Club.

Throughout her journey, Janice has imparted her expertise through over 20,000 private lessons, catering to individuals of all skill levels. Beyond her professional obligations, she generously volunteers her time to conduct golf clinics for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and actively supports the First Tee program at Eisenhower Park.

Jeff Calais

Golf Professional – Lido GC
PGA Class A Professional
Jeffrey Calais is not just a Class A PGA Professional; he’s a visionary in the world of golf instruction and coaching. With a passion for the game that spans over a decade, Jeffrey has honed his expertise across multiple PGA Sections, including the MET Section, CT PGA Section, and the North Florida PGA Section.
For the past nine years, Jeffrey has been a stalwart presence as a Teaching Professional at Lido Golf Club, where his dedication to cultivating talent and refining skills has left an indelible mark on countless golfers. In 2017, he ascended to the role of Director of Instruction at Rockaway Beach Golf Club, where he continues to lead with innovation and precision.
Jeffrey’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his professional titles. As a certified PGA Teaching & Coaching Professional, he’s equipped with the knowledge and insight to elevate any golfer’s game, regardless of skill level. Whether it’s refining swings, mastering techniques, or optimizing equipment through custom club fittings, Jeffrey’s expertise is unparalleled.

Justin Koff

Bethpage Director of Junior Instruction
Class A PGA Professional

Justin Koff epitomizes excellence in the realm of golf instruction, boasting a distinguished career spanning over 15 years as a Class A PGA Professional. Renowned for his exceptional coaching acumen, Justin has left an indelible mark on the golfing landscape, having spearheaded some of the most influential junior golf programs in the nation.

In a testament to his dedication and impact, Justin was honored with the prestigious MET Section Junior Golf Leader of the Year award in 2023, underscoring his commitment to nurturing the next generation of golfing talent.
With an impressive portfolio that includes over 15,000 private lessons, Justin serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance to hundreds of junior golfers and adults alike, regardless of age or skill level. His passion for the sport and unwavering dedication to his students shine through in every lesson and interaction.

Justin’s crowning achievement lies in his role as the Program Director of The First Tee at Eisenhower Park, where he spent the past nine years cultivating a reputation for delivering the finest junior programs on Long Island. Prior to this, Justin’s journey took him through various internships at different clubs in the Metropolitan NY area during his years at Clemson University, laying the foundation for his illustrious career.


Learn about Golf Channel Academy

Golfers enrolled at Golf Channel Academy locations will not only have the opportunity to learn from the very best coaches in the game today, but will be able to track their progress using advanced swing analysis tools and a proprietary player-coach communication platform that will accelerate their progress.  

The underlying philosophy of Golf Channel Academy—which all of our coaches reinforce—is that good coaching takes place over a period of time, not just one lesson. The relationship between coach and student is more than just “one and done.” This is how “teaching” becomes “coaching,” which we describe as an on-going relationship devoted to long-lasting improvement. Everything about Golf Channel Academy is devoted to enhancing the “coaching” experience for both teacher and student.

Golf Channel Academy is the hands-on coaching extension of the cable network’s instruction programming, which includes such shows as The Golf Fix, Lesson Tee Live, and School of Golf. Golf Channel Academy allows you to receive personalized instruction from the very best coaches in the game, including many of the teachers who you see on TV. And you should see many more Golf Channel Academy coaches making appearances on Golf Channel instructional programs in the future.